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Sheri Austin

I am a Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT/SUD SAC) with a background in both art and science: biology, scientific research, psychology, mindfulness, art, music, naturopathy and yoga.

I believe we all have different personalities and experiences that have brought us to where we are now, and each of us has our own specific pathway to healing.  Ultimately, I want the way we work together to be a way that best meets your unique needs. Some options we can work with include family systems therapy, Gottman couples theory, DBT (dialectical behavior therapy), ACT (acceptance & commitment therapy), TIBS (templates for interactional behavior), CFT (compassion-focused therapy), TIMBo (trauma informed mind body practice), mindfulness, yoga therapy, art and music therapy, storytelling, walk-and-talk therapy and nature therapy.

During my years as a psychotherapist I have worked with families, couples, groups, and individuals,  providing therapy for a wide range of diverse populations including adolescents, young adults, university students, LGBTQA persons & partners, chronic illness and substance recovery, hospice, caretakers, professionals, active duty military members, veterans, and military family members.

I feel passionate about providing culturally sensitive support, assisting clients in discovering and embodying the emotional skills and tools they need to empower themselves and reach their potential. I work with clients and partners who feel overwhelmed with life's challenges and transitions as well as those who experience anxiety and difficulty moving beyond their past. I assist clients in creating healthy, empowered, and balanced lives.

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